Weekly Village Update

  1. For the Week of March 13

    This week in the Village...
    • The Fred Luna Senior Center expansion project was given the green light by Aging and Long Term Services to begin construction. The contract was finalized this week and we are now working on details as to when construction will start.
    • The opening week of Church’s Chicken in Los Lunas had the highest sales week of any Church’s restaurant in the history of the company, $81,000.
    • Sally Beauty Supply opened for business on Monday, March 13th, in the Smith's shopping center.
  2. For the Week of March 6

    This week in the Village...
    • The King of the Hill Race held on March 11th was a great success. 200 runners from Los Lunas and around the region participated this year. The addition of the Half-Marathon to the event was an added plus, with the winner running 13 grueling miles in 1 hour and 28 minutes. Thanks to everyone who helped make the event safe and enjoyable for all.
    • The Los Lunas Museum had 50 participants attend the Mystery Stone presentation by John Taylor. Many were very excited for their upcoming trip on to the Mystery Stone on March 18th, while others were disappointed that the tour was already completely booked. Our permit only allows us to take 50 visitors to the Mystery Stone site at one time. 
    • Village Economic Development reports that Sally’s Beauty Supply will be open for business on Monday, March 13th. Sally’s is located in the Smith’s Shopping Center next to the east side Walgreens. 
    • Bixby Electric repaired the damaged pedestrian traffic signal on the I-25 northbound off-ramp, which had been damaged by a careless driver. We will process this repair through the vehicle owner’s insurance company.
    • Contractor finished the new wall and metal fence at Well 3 (a.k.a. Tiger Tank). Staff removed the chain-link fence and cleaned up the dirt area in front of the new wall. Plans are to obtain bids for a new sidewalk and landscaping.

  3. For the Week of February 27

    This week in the Village...
    • Village Fire Department met with the Village IT Division to develop a Burn Permit/Burn Day text message option we plan on rolling out this month.
    • Construction on the batting cages at Enchantment Little League is in full swing. If the weather cooperates we are looking at having them completed by the middle of next week.
    • The Community Development Department held the second regular meeting regarding the proposed Route 66 museum/visitors center with staff from the Library, Museum, Community Services, and a representative from Friends of the Library. There was very good discussion and ideas to develop a vision and purpose as well as how to fund the project.

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